SQL Group By Query Function in CodeIgniter Framework – group_by()

You can use GROUP BY function with SELECT statement in CodeIgniter. When you use the GROUP BY function it will divide similar data into classes.

You can use a GROUP BY clause in CodeIgniter framework like on the below.


// GROUP BY start_date

You can create a statement that has multiple values such as below.

$this->db->group_by(array("start_date", "end_date"));

// GROUP BY start_date, end_date

How To Get Free SSL Certificate For Your Own Websites

Hello everyone, I’m going to explain and show you how to get a free SSL certificate for existing websites.

Firstly you must know this certificate has limited time. Therefore you must refresh through SSL For Free website every three months.

I’m going to show on Apache without help by cPanel or another panel. I assume that Apache is installed in your server.

Firstly, enter SSL For Free website then fill the box with your web site URL as on the below.

SSL For Free

Then it will want you to validation web site. You can choose the below methods. I’ve validated by Manuel Verification. In this point, it wants to know that the website is your or not. You can select your preferred method.

SSL Certificate Validation

If you select manual verification. It will want you to download two files for upload to a file directory on the server. Such as on the below.

When you click to the Download SSL Certificate button, It going to check through these two URL whether the file exists or not exists.

If everything is good you will get three files such as on the below.

SSL certificates

Now, you have to upload certificate.crt and private.key to your own server. Then you have to add below lines to /etc/apache2/sites-available/your-web-site-name.conf file.


SSLCertificateFile    /your-ssl-directory/certificate.crt
SSLCertificateKeyFile /your-ssl-directory/private.key 

Lastly, you have to restart the Apache service as root.

# systemctl restart apache2

If you create a web website, firstly you have to enable the website using a2ensite command! My own website already enabled.

SSL Certificate

Enjoy, you have a new SSL certificate for three months.

How To Drop Extract Capture Process Permanently on GoldenGate

I will give some code and explain to how to drop extract capture processes permanently on GoldenGate.

You can drop all extract capture processes with the below PL/SQL code.

     FOR i IN (SELECT capture_name FROM dba_capture)
         DBMS_CAPTURE_ADM.STOP_CAPTURE(i.capture_name, true);
         DBMS_CAPTURE_ADM.DROP_CAPTURE (i.capture_name, true);
     END LOOP;

If you want to continues manual, you can follow the below code. It will work.

$ sqlplus / as sysdba
SQL> select capture_name from dba_capture;



If your capture process status is active while operation time, probably you will get the below error. Before drop operation, you must call STOP_CAPTURE procedure. Otherwise, you will get the below error.

ORA-01338 Other process is attached to Logminer session
ORA-06512 at "SYS.DBMS_CAPTURE_ADM", line 268

Lastly, you can drop to GoldenGate capture process in GoldenGate bash terminal with the below code.

GGSCI> dblogin userid gguser password xxxx
GGSCI> stop extract_process_name
GGSCI> unregister extract extract_process_name
GGSCI> delete extract_process_name